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ZIZA – the Power of Pineapple Leaves

We currently live in a world in which Fast Fashion has the numbers to trump any attempt to introduce a new way of producing apparel based, at the same time, both on innovation and tradition.

In this one-way only trend, we are sometimes lucky enough to see some designers actually tear down this moral wall by offering us something incredible and absolutely original.

Originality, together with sustainable production and raw materials, is indeed the keyword upon which the fashion label Ziza has been founded.

Ziza crafts, with the aid of local artisanal producers, accessories and purses made of processed pineapple leaves. This feature allows them to produce high quality vegan aand organic purses. Although the final result may look similar to leather, the Ziza bags are guranteed to be 100% cruelty free and sustainable. Finally a natural alternative to animal leather!

The Ziza bags are also very versatile, it is indeed possible to change their look and shape through some simple interchangable shoulder straps made of natural rope, that allow you to create a new style every single day by adjusting it to your mood and current outfit.

The Ziza collections have already been showcased in New York and their breath of fresh air is quickly spreading through the whole fashion system.

Their incredible bags are currently exhibited at the Modern Showroom in Milan, so come have a look at their brand new creations!


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