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PABLE – The Beauty of Ethical Fashion

Pablé is a brand of luxury apparel, produced from high-quality hand woven fabrics which are sourced from textile belts across India in compliance with the ethical spirit of the brand.

The label was established in the year 2013 and belongs to the Rewanta family, that gives indigenous communities the chance to help out in the clothing chain of their country.

The goal of the Maison is to bring back the historic ideal of royal patronage for heritage weaves, but from a contemporary standpoint. They are convinced that the contemporary independent professionals are the new ‘stately’ patrons, PABLE tries to impact their current lifestyles with luxe textile traditions. Making handloom wearable to everyday occasions will make sure that it enters our modern, urban wardrobes, andalso creates a self-sustaining production-to-consumption cycle.

Fighting against categorisation or genres within design, the brand speaks the international language of high-pret. While a large part of the inspiration comes from the beautiful natural fibres and handcrafted weaves of India, other standard industrial components are also included to reinforce the clothes. The creative studio cum manufacturing office is located in Mumbai, India. Under the direction of Ashwini and Sandip Pable, the team follows an international season cycle and updated trend forecasts. Finely balancing craft with engineered construction and understated detail, each piece is made with care, and has to pass through multiple stages of in-house quality checks before receiving the final approval.

The different ranges within the label cater to casual, semi-formal and formal occasions. The pieces are designed to suit varying body types – from plus size to petite – and are aimed at urban women across ages and geographies. The aesthetic is in tune with global trends, but with a classical bent, so that the shelf life of a purchase is extended beyond a couple of seasons, and it becomes a wardrobe investment.

The latest collection by Pable is currently available at the Modern Showroom by appointment. So don’t hesitate to book an appointment to find out all about their latest collection!

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