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MARI BRENAR – the Magic of a Starry Night

It all started with a girl’s unstoppable creative drive. An unbelievable sense of willpower and determination that prove how passion can overcome any setback and bring you straight to the top.

That’s how the fashion brand Mari Brenar came to life: as a result of a long journey where dedication is the only protagonist.

Unlike many other stories, however, this one proves itself to be different for a multitude of reasons.

Mari’s love of Art has led her, ever since she was a child, to nurture her own passion despite the fact that her professional path had already been written for her. Although she managed to accomplish her first degree, she never stopped pursuing her dream.
As a result of her perseverance, Mari accomplished something few people ever have: she succeeded in the final exam in Art School and had the chance to exceptionally complete her whole Art education in only 1 year.

By proving her talent to anyone around her with hard work, she finally got the chance to improve her natural skills through education and technical notions. That was the first step towards achieving her life goal.

This significant event did indeed act as a springboard to a much bigger goal: the University of the Arts in London. The cradle of her work as a designer and the place where she finally learned to upgrade her thriving skills and shape her unripe natural talent into real mastery. When it came to her major, she wisely decided to build her knowledge of Design upon the rich and complex world of Mens’wear.

Her years in London were a rollercoaster of groundbreaking events, from her internships at top-level Maisons to life-changing personal circumstances, that never prevented her from aiming high and staying focused on her career.

It was finally in 2013 that Mari decided to go one step further and officially found her own fashion brand: Mari Brenar.

The brand, currently based both in Tallin and in Moscow, is the pure expression of Mari’s rich background. It is a melange of her determined and conservative Russian origins and her open-minded and innovative European education. She managed to combine her professional know-how and creative drive with a constant research for top-quality fabrics and exquisite patterns.

Research and Inspiration are the main keywords in Mari’s work, which we can witness in the many collections she masterfully brought to life. Although each collection follows its own fil rouge, the design always stands our for its elegant feminine lines with creative cuts and a fine balance of complex fabrics.

Mari’s latest 2017 F/W collection, in particular, features a considerable amount of handmade details and embroideries. Every single item conveys the dreamy coziness of a magical starry night thanks to handmade moon-shaped pins embellished with precious beads.

The color palette shows a wide variety of nuances and patterns that are carefully combined into a harmonious piece of art and range from elegant stripes in the shades of blue, to a more romantic old rose.

As to the shapes, the collection features stunning pin-embellished coats, high waist velvet skirts, a very posh silk long dress and, last but not least, a ballerina-like old pink dress with tulle long sleeves and a wide see-through overskirt.

While reminding us of some classic iconic luxury Maisons, Mari Brenar is able to approach Fashion with a completely innovative attitude and create something original that is the seamless expression of her inner most self and her artistic verve.

The latest collection by Mari Brenar is exhibited at the Modern Showroom and available for buyers by appointment.


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