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HANAA FU – Ethereal Shapes from the Far East

Hanaa Fu is a Japanese Brand that designs magnificent Origami-like foldable bags. These unique items are not mere accessories, but rather a real piece of art.

The Hanaa Fu collection is a mixture of Western style and Japanese candid moods and is able to integrate foreign cultures while enhancing them.

The company name Hanaa Fu derives from the four seasons in the Japanese language: Haru (Spring), Natsu (Summer), Aki (Autumn) and Fuyu (Winter) and the birth of the brand dates back to 2004, when Hanaa Fu was launched as original brand for Barcos.

The next step was achieved when Albert Onesti was named Design Director for the brand.

Although the brand highlights overseas trends, the Japanese spirit is constantly the focus of the whole collection, and every each handbag shows off a clear flare of Japanese pop modernism, as we can witness in their Origami-shaped designs. What’s interesting about this feature, is that every bag can be folded into a number of different shapes making every single bag unique.

Although the company is currently very successful in Japan, they are planning to expand the brand into the international market, such as Europe and USA.

Should you be intrigued by the creativity of Hanaa Fu, don’t hesitate to book an appointment at the Modern Showroom, where the whole collection is currently available.

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