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GATTABUIA – The Excellence of Tradition

The fashion label Gattabuia was founded upon the dream of a designer who decided in 2013 to give life to her personal project after a long-lasting collaboration with famous fashion Maisons.

The brand logo, a bird trapped in a cage with a little bird above its head, is an analogy that portraits  the history of the designer and how she bravely decided to leave her steady job in order to build something of her own that would finally set her imagination free.

Gattabuia also features a smaller Men’s collection, represented by a lion in a cage. Although the lion is stronger than the bird, the little animal stands out for its freedom outside the cage.

The main goal of the brand is to stand against the big labels who have now mostly given up on the value of the long-lasting Italian artisanal tradition, by outsourcing the production.

The Gattabuia team believes that behind every each item there’s a whole world that is the highest expression of the local culture and tradition. By achieving this, every item can go beyond the mere appearence and express its own soul.

The production of Gattabuia, for the reasons previously mentioned, is proudly Made in Italy and is based on the leather tradition in Florence, which is famous for the rich details and the use of top-quality leather.

The latest collection by Gattabuia is currently available at the Modern Showroom by appointment.

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