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Bad Spirit – the Heart of Rock ‘n Roll and Style

Bar Spirit a an iconic fashion brand for both Men’s and Women’s Wear that stands out for its strong character and meaningful concept.

The name Bad Spirit is meant to highlight the contrast between its tough nature and a deep thematic sensibility that hides behind every single design.

The label was established in 2008 by Massimo Sabbadin, and is meant for anyone who loves fashion and Rock ’n Roll, but has always been forced to buy items and clothes linked to a specific current that keeps changing from one band to the other. For those who end up buying log t-shirts at flea markets but, in reality, are looking for something different.

Bad Spirit is, in fact, much more than mere fashion. It is a lifestyle and a State of Mind.
The Ideology of Bad Spirit is thoroughly portrayed in their Showroom in Via Marghera 26, where the whole Bad Spirit collection is exhibited in a very characteristic environment.

The outcome of Massimo Sabbadin’s creativeness is surrounded by a multitude of Rock ’n Roll symbols and eccentric designs, from evergreen electric guitars hanging on the walls to skateboards, vinyl records and a one-of-a-kind white lacquered foosball table with silver colored little players.

Moving on to the real collection, the Bad Spirit designs perfectly recreate the Rock ’n Roll nature of the brand, while often showing cultural and social awareness.

The latest F/W 2017 Bad Spirit collection features a mixture of different fabrics and patterns. From shiny coats with bright orange inner covering to bottoned-up westernish dresses with decorative frills.

If are intrigued by this mixture of pure Style and Character, don’t hesitate to go find out more at the Bad Spirit Showroom in Via Marghera 26! The latest Collection is currently available for Buyers.

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